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tampon project

Girls, what do you do when your period arrives unexpectedly and there’s no tampon in sight? You ask your friends, one of whom must have one, right? Then you text your mom and there’s a brand new box waiting for you in the bathroom when you get home. Problem solved. 


But what if it wasn’t that easy? What if you couldn’t ask a friend or your mother because neither of them has enough money to buy more? What if your next class is PE and it’s your turn to run the mile in the heat and in shorts?


Not having access to tampons may be incomprehensible to you, but many girls throughout the Los Angeles area are forced to go without these extremely essential products every month. Did you know that feminine hygiene products are not covered by food stamps?


After learning this, we decided that we needed to take action in order to help the women and girls of the greater Los Angeles Area. A multiple times a year we create a project in order to raise money and supplies to donate to Planned Parenthood Los Angeles and other homeless shelters throughout Los Angeles.

If you want to help our cause please see the "Contact" page. 


Girls helping girls — so we can all go with the flow.  

xo Zoey and Emily

Emily (left) and Zoey (right) at their recent bowling fund raiser.

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