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Singers for sanitary products

We held a coffee-house style backyard concert to secure sanitary products--tampons and pads--to donate to Planned Parenthood Los Angeles.  We also want to raise awareness of a huge health issue facing many women.


In hopes of securing funds throughout the school year to make monthly tampon/pad donations, we set up a POSHMARK fundraising shop where we sell clothes via the peer-to-peer shopping app. We hope to raise money and awareness through this social media platform. 

Poshmark Fundraiser(ongoing)

bowling fundraiser 

We invited our friends to a bowling party. The price of admission was a box of tampons. Many of our friends brought more as donations. After the party, we asked our family friends to match the donations of our friends, and were able to raise 10,000 tampons and pads to donate to Planned Parenthood Los Angeles. 

Locker shelves sale

We sell custom-made locker shelves to the students at our school in Los Angeles. With the money we raise, we are able to buy and donate approximately 12,000  tampons each year to Planned Parenthood.

Escape Room fundraiser

Once again, we asked our friends to support our cause and held an Escape Room Party. The price of admission was a box of tampons. With the help of our friends and families, we donated 500 tampons to Planned Parenthood. For fun and to spread awareness of this tampon crisis, we baked a special cake!

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